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Circles of Light

The “circles of light” are based on the teachings brought by Quentin. They are organized by beings in the community who have already discovered these teachings. These circles are open doors to the community of the heart and they provide an opportunity for touched beings to meet other beautiful souls who resonate with them in the joy of being together.

They are open to any being who feels the call to participate. They consist of moments of meditation, heartfelt sharing and deepening of certain aspects of the teaching.

They are open to any being who feels the call to participate.You can look to see if there is a circle near you or you can participate in an online circle of light by going to this page.

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Advanced Circles of Light – deepening and sharing

(available in the “mylivha +” subscription)

This form of circle of light can take place over the internet or physically. These are gatherings of groups of 3 to 20 people that take place several times a month.
They gather the most involved beings of the community and allow to install a solid relationship of trust and very powerful resonances of the heart. These circles allow us to accompany, even overcome and surpass all the obstacles that can be found on a life path. It is one of the most profound and powerful pillars to support and accompany you in your inner journey.

The Advanced Circle of Light is a true gem that has taken shape naturally through years of work with the community. The way it is set up makes available a service of a rare quality, dedicated to the well-being and fruitful accompaniment of every being sincerely wishing to advance on his or her life path and to build together a more conscious world.

Naturally, in order for you to reap the full benefits, it must come from yourself and your inner aspiration. This access is therefore optional because it can only be useful if it starts from you and you feel the interest and benefit of such an accompaniment on your path.

Given the inestimable value of these circles and the delicacy of maintaining such a service, we have chosen to offer this exclusively as a subscription. This is to ensure at least the involvement of each participant and thus guarantee the quality, depth and authenticity of the exchanges that can be found there.

The difference between the open light circles and the advanced circles lies in the level of involvement of the participants. The former are mainly made up of moments of meditation and sharing around the teaching. In the second circles, at this stage, each participant has expressed the wish to go further in his approach. They are no longer just listening, they are also open to others, in spontaneity, innocence and sincerity. This openness of each participant allows for a deeper work to be put in place thanks to a virtuous movement that supports the discovery and the realization of each person. The circle then becomes a very powerful tool to allow each person to accept themself as they are, here and now.

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