holistic project

A project of the heart, open, conscious and regenerating for the soul and spirit

It is with great joy that we can finally share with you the view of this project carried by Quentin’s vision.

For the past few years, the entire team and many members of the community have been busy developing a project from the heart, whose vision is to place the human being and their inner beauty at the heart of the matter.

It is a holistic project adapted to our time and turned towards the opening of consciousness, to allow each one to develop their own potential and to make it radiate in the world.

In order to realize this project, we need a land that could convey these beautiful values. On this land we plan to develop ecological constructions in harmony with the local environment.

For various reasons, we have chosen a region in the south of Portugal which is perfectly suited to the various conditions necessary for its realization.

holistic project 2

Quentin’s vision that inspired this project is very broad and global, it is in great heart resonnance with the team and the community. It aims to provide a place where all aspects of the human being (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual) can flourish in the different areas and sectors of their life.

There would be a possibility of blossoming with nature, where a development of fauna and flora, full of life, diversity and abundance would be notably foreseen.

A development of an organic diversified agriculture in permaculture and in other modes of cultivation respectful of the environment is also foreseen.

Thus, this project is first and foremost dedicated to the creation of a good place to live.

Ecological infrastructures would have, as an objective, to answer the blooming of the various fields of the life. Thus, one could find places dedicated to the development and expression of creativity, for the radiation of art and beauty. Places for the listening, development and care of the body, in connection with the soul and the spirit. Or other places dedicated to inner renewal, to the discovery and cultivation of inner silence, vast and regenerating. There would also be places dedicated to construction, ecology, mutual aid, sharing, or live stage activities and performances.

Various events would be organized throughout the year, some of which would allow for a deepening of the teachings shared by Quentin and others would be open to other speakers in resonance with the heart who would enrich the whole.

Natural water features are also planned, allowing for different forms of healing and rejuvenation. There would also be the implementation of a natural diet, of a high nutritional quality for the body, the soul and the spirit.

holistic project 3

This land could thus equally welcome as many beings who come to participate in different events, as beings who come to participate in the community life on site, in the form of residence of varying duration.

In short, it is a proposal to taste life differently. Fully. In all the richness that life can bring us, when we make the effort to open ourselves to it.

It is a framework for a new way of living.

It is a framework that allows each person to find themselves, first with themselves, and then with others, by rediscovering true, authentic, caring, and harmonious relationships. Then, beings can radiate their inner beauty, what they are made for, what is aligned for them, in their daily life. This beneficial and regenerating framework for the human soul is like an incubator of aligned beings, of life paths, which can then unfold and flourish in the world.

Many beings in the community are touched by this vision and are currently helping to make this happen, whether through their human or financial means. It is progressing well and giving joy to the hearts of all involved. But we need more help and resources to make this project feasible.

So we are appealing to generous donors who believe in this project, and who could help us financially to make it happen. If it resonates in your heart, you can make a donation by clicking the button below, or you can write to us directly via the contact form, if you have additional questions in relation to the project and the donation you would like to make.

This project is the fruit of a co-creation and only reveals its meaning in this way. It is therefore through your input and contribution that it can become realizable.

If you are touched by this vision, and you wish to be able one day to taste this life, fully, with us on this earth, you can help us to make it possible.

Thank you for your generosity.