Quentin’s teachings

Here are the courses currently offered by Quentin. These teachings are offered in the form of videos, and are accessible via the mylivha area. You can thus interact with the community via the forums, ask your questions, and gradually get impregnated with these teachings in order to benefit from all their fruits.

course love

Love, the greatest power of inner transformation

Finding the source of Love is the doorway to who you really are which is wholeness, source of joy and happiness by nature.

Course length: 4:08 ( 7 videos )

course prayer

Enlighten your heart and mind with Prayer

A direct practice of Prayer, to return to the present moment. Discover its essence to connect with the heart of yourself.

Course length: 1 1/2 hours ( 4 videos )

course life path

Initiation to the knowledge of your life path

Keys of wisdom to live happily and transcend all the limiting aspects of your life.

Course length: 4h24 ( 9 videos )