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The Living Harmony movement

LIVHA (acronym) is a co-created association to give first place to the inner beauty that resides within each person.

Through the organization of events, classes, practices and community projects, the movement touches on all essential aspects of life so that everyone can be empowered to achieve their best and find full fulfillment. Together, we give meaning to our actions in order to contribute to the evolution of a more conscious society.

Who is behind the movement?

Living Harmony (Livha) was initiated by Quentin Disneur who can be described, among other things, as a spiritual teacher. Through qualities of visionary and entrepreneur, he naturally drove a movement of gathering and creating from the heart.

Today, through various courses and events held wherever there is a call, Quentin is dedicated to spreading a message of wisdom and harmony allowing beings to touch what is deepest within themselves, to reveal their inner beauty, their innate potential and to radiate it into the different areas of their lives.

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The values

Getting (re)connected

to the essence of


Everything on this website addresses who you really are, beyond anything you think you are. This website is entirely dedicated to a deepening of self-knowledge. Keys are brought to you in order to discover the source of your true nature so you can reveal it and find fulfillment on your life path.

A healthy and strong community

A growing community of sensitive beings touched in their hearts who allow themselves to grow and shine their inner light.

A life enriched with meaning can naturally unfold through a collective dynamic based on true healthy values.

Together, we can build a more conscious society with joy, sharing and mutual support.

Resourcing and deep values

The movement is focused on transmitting healthy and balanced information based on values such as authenticity, tolerance, altruism, patience, non-judgment, gratitude, to name a few, which form a stable foundation for a forward-looking community. Cultivating these values on a daily basis allows everyone to live in harmony with themself and others.


Discover Quentin Disneur’s latest sharings through programs and practices that allow you to (re)connect to the core of yourself.

Activities and events

online meetings

The content of the meetings varies according to the participants’ requests. Quentin shares his teaching and other speakers can also propose sharing, activities, workshops and practices aimed at discovering, deepening or cultivating the values spread through Livha on a daily basis.

An exchange platform in the "my Livha" area

This area allows you to access the community and thus contribute to the growth of the heart network. You also have the option of signing up to the “mylivha +” subscription for those who wish to financially support the development of the movement and have access to the essence of the teachings, content and services shared by Livha.

Meetings and retreats from 2,3 days to one week

These events are organized in order to be able to spread the teaching and values conveyed by Quentin and the movement. They allow for a better understanding of the nature of reality and to be able to develop the notion of interiority that leads to revealing what is true in each person. These are moments out of time, which allow each participant to find themself in a welcoming space of communion and thus to feel “at home” in the depths of their being.

A center in southern Spain

Historical center, this place is dedicated to the members most involved in the movement. It provides a most appropriate setting for inner renewal, in the heart of nature, in the mountains of Andalusia

A holistic project in Portugal

First living model of a homeland where Livha’s values are spread and allow harmony between beings, nature and the world around them. Having a social and ecological scope, the project aims to restore the ecosystem, create abundant flora and fauna, environmentally friendly organic farming, self-sufficient buildings built from sustainable materials, renewable energy, etc.

Circles wherever there is a call

The “circles of light” are based on the teachings brought by Quentin. They are organized by beings in the community who have already discovered these teachings. These circles are open doors to the community of the heart and they provide an opportunity for touched beings to meet other beautiful souls who resonate with them in the joy of being together.