Meetings and Retreats

The meetings and retreats are timeless, profoundly rejuvenating moments that address the soul and the heart of your being. It is a living experience, from which you can emerge grown inwardly, with a more open heart and a more enlightened outlook.

The events are organized in order to disseminate a teaching that allows for a better understanding of the nature of reality and to develop the notion of interiority that leads to the revelation of what is true in each person. This teaching is offered through sharings, activities, workshops and practices that allow you to discover or deepen the notion of Presence (conscious attention) and to be able to cultivate it in your daily life.

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There are several types of meetings, they can take place over a weekend or a week. They are organized in places conducive to relax and recharge one’s batteries, often surrounded by nature. These meetings allow the participants to discover or deepen the teaching brought by Quentin and the movement and there can be several other speakers. There are also meetings offered through the internet, they take place entirely online, some open to all and others only accessible to members of the  “mylivha +” subscription.

Quentin wants to spread beauty through these events, he speaks of true love, harmony, peace, opening the heart, he spreads a message that feeds the soul and can deeply touch sentient beings.

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